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(misc) Intranet updated

Been a long time since our last update! Site has been updated to match our new main website.
[July 30, 2018]

(servers) Undergraduate file server moving on Wednesday

The new file server will be put in place on Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2012. There will be some downtime early in the morning.
[March 06, 2012]

(servers) New undergraduate file server

There is a new undergraduate file server coming soon. There will be some downtime when the switch is made to the new server, which should happen some time next week (Spring Break). There will be another announcement here once we have a final date.
[Febuary 29, 2012]

(servers) New cluster coming soon!

There is a totally new cluster ready to replace the old one. You can log in and test it now at The actual switch will take place on Tues. July 19, 2011 in the afternoon.
[July 15, 2011]

(servers) Moodle Upgrade scheduled 12/21

We will be upgrading the Moodle service Monday December 21. Access to this service may be intermittent throughout the day.
[Decemeber 18, 2009]

(servers) Mail server down briefly

We are running an emergency filesystem check on the mail server. We will get it back up as soon as possible.
[September 10, 2008]

(labs) McBryde Labs

The McBryde computer labs room 116 and 118 are closed permanently. The first floor of McBryde is being renovated. Undergraduate computing resources will be up during the renovation in a crippled state. Home directories and will be up w...
[May 12, 2008]

(misc) Email destined for Will should be redirected

I am leaving the employ of the CS department, effective the new year. Please send email directly to rather than to wdunn@cs. I will still be in touch with the technical staff if there are any problems with tech support that I've hand...
[Decemeber 27, 2007]

(servers) Holiday downtime

There may be intermittent downtime of services over the holiday week. We are performing upgrades and maintenance, and we will strive to make any such interruptions brief and painless. Please email with any questions.
[Decemeber 27, 2007]

(servers) Grad filesystem down for upgrade

9am Tuesday November 20, 2007 - The graduate student file space is down for a upgrade. This will take several hours, we will bring it back up as soon as possible.
[November 20, 2007]

(network) Brief rlogin downtime

The machine that is will be down shortly at some point between now and the start of the fall 07 semester. We need to make a clone image of the hard disk, in order to clone a backup machine in the event that we have a future hardware prob...
[August 15, 2007]

(misc) Note for students and professors using Fortran

Previously, it was required to log into a lab computer (remotely or physically) and ssh to fortran.cslab to access the fortran resources. This is no longer required; please ssh directly to

As a reminder, if students encounte...
[August 15, 2007]

(servers) New Cluster and U-Grad fileserver up

The new remote Linux login cluster has been pressed into service. It is accessible, as the old cluster was, via In addition, our newer, faster, bigger, and gigabit-linked undergraduate file server is now running as well. End users sho...
[August 15, 2007]

(labs) New Remote Linux Cluster

The new remote linux cluster ( is scheduled to be put into service Tuesday, August 14th. Please report any problems you discover to
[August 10, 2007]

(email) Email normally sent to Topher should be redirected.

Any issues that you in the past have contacted Christopher "Topher" Baines with, please direct them to We will be distributing his workload between the remaining three of us while the search for someone to fill Topher's shoes is unde...
[June 19, 2007]

(email) Email Server Down

We had to reboot the SAN unit this morning to clear up a problem. A filesystem check of the email system is required which will take several minutes. In the meantime access to email will be down. Any email sent during this downtime will be saved and de...
[March 28, 2007]

(labs) ccache package scheduled for removal

The ccache package is scheduled to be removed 3/21 AM unless there are dire objections to doing so. This package is causing problems with other lab software, and its removal will likely not affect other functionality.

If you have questions or conc...
[March 20, 2007]

(servers) psql Client added to linux lab

The postgresql client is being added to the linux lab machines. If you encounter problems using it to connect to cs4604's postgresql server, please let the techstaff know at
[March 20, 2007]

(email) University Mail Server Down (resolved)

The University's mail server is having problems. According to them, any mail sent to will be queued and delivered once the server is back online.
This issue has been resolved.
[March 05, 2007]

(servers) Fortran.cslab errata

Students can access fortran only by logging into a lab machine first, then sshing to fortran.cslab. This machine has the Lahey95 fortran compiler.

Additionally, if students encounter an error (f95: /usr/local/lf9562/bin/../bin/jwd_fort: SIGSEG...
[Febuary 09, 2007]

(email) Change to SMTP

We made a small change to the CS outgoing mail server. It should now allow messages sent via authenticated smtp over SSL from any IP, including ones that do no reverse lookup.
[Febuary 09, 2007]

(servers) New equipment

Though it will be several months still until everything gets here, and somewhat longer before everything is in use, some of our new equipment - from ETF 2006 - has started to arrive. We will keep everyone advised on the status of the new equipment as the...
[Febuary 01, 2007]

(network) Mathematica License Manager

The Mathematica License manager in the CS Lab was restarted recently to clear out old processes which still were claiming licenses, but were obviously bugged. This shouldn't have caused service interruptions, but if anyone has trouble with Mathematica in...
[January 30, 2007]

(labs) New Lab Cluster Ordered

A new cluster of machines (20 Dell Poweredge 1950s) has been ordered to upgrade the functionality of Soon, the machines you remotely log into will be faster and more reliable than ever!
[January 30, 2007]

(servers) Database server change

We made a small change in the configuration of the MySQL server at to allow for larger transactions. Most people should be uneffected by this change.
[January 29, 2007]

(misc) Windows Vista Available

Windows Vista is now available on our software site: Software is available to CS majors and any non-major taking a CS class.
[January 29, 2007]

(email) Change to E-mail forwarding

We've made a small change in the way CS e-mail is forwarded to try and correct some issues people have had with it. If you notice anything weird with the way your e-mail is forwarded, please contact the techstaff.
[January 29, 2007]

(labs) Concerns over restarting lab machines

The linux lab machines (in 124 and 116) are never to be restarted except by the techstaff. These machines are not only the lab workstations, but also serve as the remote login cluster. Students and TA's are never to restart the machines. Problems shoul...
[January 26, 2007]

(labs) Change to

The name will no longer work. Please use instead.
[June 30, 2006]

(labs) CS Lab Update

The Techstaff has a workaround for the problems with the CS labs, and is implementing it today. Starting Thursday, December 1st, if you have problems logging into the Lab computers, or if you don't have internet access from them, please contact the Techst...
[November 30, 2005]

(labs) CS Lab Login Problems

The lab machines are experiencing a problem getting an IP address from our DHCP server. The problem seems to be isolated to Windows boxes and will prevent the machines from allowing login. We are working to isolate wether the issue involves recent Windows...
[November 29, 2005]

(labs) Lab Systems

We have updated the lab systems for the upcoming semester. The Linux machines have been switched from Mandrake 10 to Fedora Core 4. Fedora Core 4 supports many requested features natively, which would take time to make operational in Mandrake. The lab lin...
[August 18, 2005]

(servers) Mail/Web Server Outage

The main CS web and mail servers experienced a DNS problem this morning. No mail was lost and service should be back to normal now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.
[May 20, 2005]

(servers) Undergrad Fileserver

The undergrad fileserver, regina, has suffered 2 hard drive failures and thus all data on that server has been lost. We are working to restore the data from a backup image taken before the Spring 2005 semester.
[March 11, 2005]

(email) CS Mail Server Problem

There was problem with the CS Mail Server not accepting email from about 11:00pm yesterday till about 11:00am today. This was due to an internal DNS server problem which has been fixed. CS Mail Server is now accepting email.
[March 11, 2005]

(email) CS Mail Server Blacklisted

The problems you are seeing when you try to send mail to campus result from our being "blacklisted" by the campus e-mail gateway. We have left messages for several of the CC people who would know how to get this fixed. This will probably be resolved soon....
[January 27, 2005]

(labs) Lab Server Downtime

The router for the lab machines will be down tonight from about 8:30 to around 9:00pm for system maintenance. Outgoing and incoming connections to the lab machines will be affected.
[Decemeber 10, 2004]

(labs) Lab Closed for Break

The 116 lab is closed for Holiday break. It will re-open on Jan. 24, 2005.
[Decemeber 10, 2004]

(labs) Lab Maintenance

The 116 lab will be closed Sunday Nov. 21 through Friday Nov. 26. We plan to perform lab maintenance next week as follows: Monday (Nov. 22) Grad lab will be closed all morning for a reclone. At 5pm the server regina (which hosts all under...
[November 16, 2004]

(labs) CS Lab Login problems

We experienced a RAID array problem last night and some undergraduate student home directories were affected. We are working to move the entire undergraduate student home directories over to a new array and hope to have all undergraduate student home dire...
[November 15, 2004]

(email) Mail/Web Server Outage

The main CS web and mail servers experienced a network problem last night and this morning. No mail was lost and service should be back to normal now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.
[October 19, 2004]

(labs) CS Lab Linux Issues

The problems with segmentation faulting commands on the linux machines should be repaired now.
[September 09, 2004]

(labs) CS lab server issues

We experienced a RAID array problem last night and some undergraduate student home directories were affected. We are working to move the entire undergraduate student home directories over to a new array and hope to have all undergraduate student home dire...
[September 08, 2004]

(misc) Updated Travel Forms

Updated Travel Approal Forms and Per Diem Rate information has been added to the intranet
[August 31, 2004]

(misc) CS Server problems

Around 2:30pm today the main internal DNS server today was down for a few minutes, this propogated a problem around some of our servers. It should be corrected now.
[August 24, 2004]

(labs) Lab Maintenance Window

All Linux lab machines will be down for the remainder of the week as a result of imaging and upgrading being done in preparation for the fall semester. This means that access to the lab through will be unavailable until the maintenance...
[August 17, 2004]

(network) Wireless Access Changes

Beginning with the new wireless access service expansion this summer, the way in which you use wireless Internet access on campus is changing. To receive wireless network access, you only have to register your University PID for access, rather than your c...
[August 17, 2004]

(email) Campus E-mail Maintenance

The Computing Center will be performing maintenance on their mail systems on Tuesday, August 17, starting at midnight until 8am. This will affect campus POP service. Users will not be able to check their mail during this window. Sent mail will queue ...
[August 13, 2004]

(network) Student Wireless Access Free

After further consideration by the university administration, it has been agreed that wireless access for students is important for their instructional programs and scholarly work. Thus, an optional, fee-based service may not be the best way to suppor...
[August 03, 2004]

(labs) machines has been pointed to this site to serve as a new home for lab announcements as well as account management features. Raven is now accessible with it's old hostname. Raven can be accessed at and rlogin is currently ...
[August 03, 2004]

(security) Critical - New Internet Explorer Patch

All Faculty/Staff SLO domain machines will be updated shortly. All others, please visit as soon as possible. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-025: Cumulat...
[July 30, 2004]

(labs) machines down briefly and will be inaccessible for the next days or so until DNS gets updated. In the meantime, you can login using the IP. The IP for rlogin is, and the new address for raven is
[July 28, 2004]

(email) Bogus Email from "" Domain

Bogus emails from the "" domain are being sent to campus users advising them that they're spamming people. The email contains a zip file attachment and asks the user to open it for instructions on how to keep their computer safe. The email is signed...
[July 26, 2004]

(email) E-mail Back to Normal

The email problems experienced late last week were resolved over the weekend. Mail is now being sent at normal rates, and all mail queued from the delay has been distributed. One possible effect of the delay and subsequent recovery is tha...
[July 20, 2004]

(email) E-mail Delay

Anyone sending e-mail through the mail system (for example, Eudora users) may have noticed a slow down this morning. E-mail is currently queuing on the virus scanners and is also being delivered very slowly. The university received an abnormal...
[July 16, 2004]

(network) Student Wireless Access Changes

Beginning with the Fall Semester 2004, production wireless service will be an optional fee-based service. Students must register to use the production service. Pilot users will not automatically be registered for the production service. On-line regis...
[July 16, 2004]

(misc) New Intranet Changes

The intranet is undergoing a major content overhaul, to update and expand the amount of information available online. Please bear with us as we add more and more information. We hope to have it completed before the fall semester. Thank you
[July 15, 2004]

(labs) Remote Login Changes

All systems in the lab are now only accessible from the load balanced rlogin server. To access both linux and windows machines remotely, please log in to The individual machines have been removed from the external network, and will no...
[July 12, 2004]

(labs) New Lab Machines

There are all new lab machines in room 659 and 116. The workstations come with a 3.0ghz Hyperthreaded P4 processor, 1 gigabyte of DDR RAM, and a 19" flat panel display.
[April 09, 2004]

(misc) Welcome

Welcome to the new intranet!!
[Febuary 18, 2004]