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(servers) Fortran.cslab errata

Students can access fortran only by logging into a lab machine first, then sshing to fortran.cslab. This machine has the Lahey95 fortran compiler.

Additionally, if students encounter an error (f95: /usr/local/lf9562/bin/../bin/jwd_fort: SIGSEGV signal received), they can resolve it by typing "ulimit -s unlimited" in bash, or "limit stacksize unlimited" in csh/tcsh. This has been added to /etc/profile, but may not work for students using shells other than bash.

If this fix does not work, the prescribed fix is to switch to bash and compile. This is a known issue, and Lahey's only fix is to correctly set the limit, so there is likely to be no other workaround.
[Febuary 09, 2007]